Buckwheat Banana Chai Bread

I know what your thinking, banana bread gone vegan? What’s next, omelettes without eggs? But the real question is; can you turn overripe banana’s and alternative flour into something as good as your grandmother used to make? You be the judge, but remember the laws of the jungle are sometimes harsh. Don’t take my word for it, try this recipe and if the whole household isn’t swinging to the kitchen, or making monkey sound by the time the sweet smell hits your nose, you can send me to jungle court.


  • 1 cup buckwheat flour
  • 1 cup brown rice flour
  • 1/2 cup coconut oil
  • 1/4 cup coconut milk (the canned stuff is creamier.)
  • 1/2 teaspoon cinnamon, nutmeg, and cardamon (or chai spice.)
  • 1/4 cup almond/peanut butter
  • 1/2 teaspoon almond extract
  • 1 teaspoon baking powder
  • 1/2 teaspoon baking soda
  • 1/4 teaspoon real salt
  • 1 hand full of seeds


Preheat oven to 350º


In a large bowl combine flour, baking powder/soda, coconut milk, cream, and oil.IMG_4724

Ooo. Custardy.

Banana Batter3

Mash bananas in a separate bowl (or pan.)

Banana Mash2

Add bananas to mixture and stir with ape-like force.

Banana Batter2

Spread mixture into container and sprinkle with seeds.

Banana Batter Better

Bake for 40 – 50 minutes, then remove from oven and set on windowsill/countertop to cool.

Invite hungry monkeys over and serve with yogurt, cream, honey drizzle and maybe even fresh fruit. That’s Bananas!


Splish Splash. Chop Chop.

Bonds from Old Norse were called bóndi or ‘tiller of the soil.’

Bonds are connections that are mutually beneficial.

Bondage, from Anglo-Latin bondagium means serf, peasant, or householder.

When we no longer believe we have the freedom over our own lives, it’s akin to being a servant. We are no longer serving a greater life purpose, but serving someone else to satisfy our needs. Then we are no longer indapendant.

The severing of our serfdom can be metaphorical. Or by the act of chopping wood. If it’s our intention to be free, to not cling to anyone’s ideas, dogmas, beliefs, or rules, and cleave away from what kept us chained, then swing away.

Thoreau did it. Walden was a perfect example of a man who made a live worth living by forging bonds without creating bondage. The act of making bonds are good. We can make connections, or connect with the land. But when we think we cannot do without this or that for ourselves, we create a sort of bondage and give up our power. Like a manufactured relationship, it’s never sustainable.

I observe, that is to say I have the freedom to turn my attention to whatever I want. But when there are more manufactured images than natural ones we tend to begin believing what we’re told. Lack of discrimination between what’s in our best interest, and what others are interested in for us, can be dangerous.

Those who have not seen the light cannot light the way. But our ability to see the sublime is always available. Everything and nothing can lead us to know that we are bigger than we believed. Yet we knew it all along. We don’t need anything or anyone to remind us of it. But sometimes we forget.

Remembering our sovereignty takes work. A continual effort towards bettering ourselves. And when splitting the grain of our logic we glimpse the void, remember to be amazed. An aroma of curiosity, a wellspring of wonderment is released back into the air and permeates everything.

How to cleave the wood of our discretion is up to us. If the axe is dull, and our first blows are met with resistance, no matter. We can always take time sharpen our tools. It’s time well spent in preparation for something better.

Let the weight of your tools assist in your work. The better the tool, the better the result. The better the result, the better you’ll do next time.

Chop wood.
Carry water.

Sunup Survey

Sunup Survey

Posted on 04/27/2011, 5:30am, Viborg, Denmark.
I awoke to a  ruby red sun washed grapefruit room. The solar disc barely visible over the tile-roofed horizon. Darting towards the lake, across the open field thinking how some years ago, at this very hour, reluctant dreary infantry lined up for their calisthenics as a demoralizing General barked out their routine in Danish. Passing pockets of stupefied juveniles, only now coming back from their evening pub crawl. Animals seemed to be everywhere, coming and going in pairs as though beckoned by another call of the ark, waiting to disembark. Entering the graveyard I spied a young hooded couple, tangled on a park bench. Responding in silence as I overtook them. I almost ducked as a bizarre strident sound pierced the sky. Looking up I discovered two white geese rhythmically flying and warbling in perfect unison. Animals in twos were everywhere.
Cutting through a marine cu-de-sack, I located a path that led to a single dock which protruded into the lake just enough that at the furthest tip the bank disappeared.  A tiny blue sign nailed to the post labeled “Private.” But after seeing the sorry state of the pier (a bench half decayed, dock covered in gull white stains) I decided to press on. A set of sun salutations later, I began my breath of fire technique as the haze began drifting from the lake. With each exhale ripples would form, as though I were orchestrating the fishes surfacing for breath. Planting myself on the intact portion of the bench, facing the vermilion orb now issuing it’s warmth, there I sprawled. With my eyes closed I became aware of the fluctuating light bouncing off the hulls of small row-boats, and washing over me.

Each ripple was like a pulse, as though systematically scanning me for melanin deficiency. There were arresting nasally honks and once more I spied a goose duo this time pitch black, flapping strangely out of sync. As they blundering ahead I couldn’t help compare them to the pair of whites before, as the very picture of grace. I much preferred these two, and since they were probably bound for the same terminal ark, I bode them well.
Making my way back required a kind of stealth as people began to stir in their rust-colored homes. After being caught red handed crashing a wedding at the Best Western, I opted to take the ‘less traveled’ route, which took me through trellises, behind flower beds, under/over gates/fences, and through a tombstone factory.

I began to wonder at the many measures people take to maintain privacy. “If everyone goes to such lengths keep themselves to themselves, when do they allow others in? I thought. Especially in such a safe environment.” Yet another unusual custom we adhere to, promoting our isolated and xenophobic tendencies (when crime is so negligible.) Upon entering the graveyard, I nearly bowled over an elderly greens-keeper woman, who barely flinched as she was in her element, maintaining the landscape of flora that ran between every grave site, headstone, and plot of land. 

Barefoot I returned to the training field, now empty (save for swarms of low-flying insects) savoring every step before returning to home base to a breakfast of champions (B.O.C.) Breakfast of Champions – Corn Flakes with rice milk, coconut oil, cacao powder & cinnamon. Topping: Banana, Flax Seeds, and Walnuts.

The Free Radicals Revolution

What is a Free Radical? 

Radical comes from the Latin word “radix” meaning “root.”

Free means not under the control of another.

Scientifically speaking  a free radical is an atom that has an unpaired electron. Which makes them reactive to any chemical reaction. Which is great for combustion’s.

Confused? I know I was, until I realized that I was that rogue electron. I was the lonely

That’s why I’m suggesting a revolution. A Free Radicals Revolution. A new frontier for education through methods that are inspiring, uplifting and altogether radical. Using the modern media outlets and the mass movement of online interaction, I propose a project that’s as accessible as it is entertaining. But not just entertaining, empowering.

Teaching techniques for holistic well being masquerading as a  comic. Comic in the sense of sequential storytelling. The same one’s you read at the grocery store check-out while your mom tried to decide between the Soy milk or Almond milk.

I’ve been a “healer” my entire life, yet I would have shot anyone a dirty look for calling me this. The term conjured up a dystopian shaman, living in a mud hut miles away from civilization, wearing a cryptic amulet, chanting and praying for rain. I’ve met many who followed this stereotype to the T. But little did I know “healer,” was a restorer of balance.

And balance was something I’d been searching for my entire life. I was born and raised within the transcendental Meditation movement. Founded in the 70’s by a gregarious guru who invited thousands of spiritual seekers if they would be willing to give up everything and relocate to Iowa. My parents were 2 of those who made the migration.

For reasons I won’t go into here, I am both grateful, and perturbed. Yet despite the endless hours of meditating, keeping a diligent routine, and learning Sansrkit, which I wouldn’t trade for anything I wasn’t compete.

It takes a village to raise a child,” yet my village was so isolated, I often wondered if there was a world beyond the corn fields. If the same routine, jokes, ideas, obsessions, fears and stories of the glory days (The TM Movements uprising) weren’t claustrophobic enough, the education was cabin fever.

I am an artist. Like many artists I fought against the grain of grades, homework, and conflicting sexual identity. Since my teachers considered my art as a side project, I treated their classes extra-curricular at best. My entire primary education was in the margins of my notebooks.  Even my recreation felt like borrowed time from my imagination.

I drew between classes, at sports events and even during dinner. The real question that grew during my creative process was,

What’s the point?

Of my art? Of my life? More than, respect, fame..

Thus began my mission in life. How to make art with purpose.

Over my 10+ years of wellness practices, (Transcendental Meditation & Nishpatti Yoga. Chi-Kung & Chinese Energetics. Kolaimni to the Empowerment Process) I’ve experienced countless transformations and even more realizations that no matter how many techniques I learn, I’m still a storyteller at heart. Through Vedanta philosophy, story structure, an assorted art education and a passion for conscious content, I founded ©Morehead Media, “Enriching lives one breath and line at a time.”

With the founding of Morehead Media I finally realized the purpose of my mission. “Suffering is not necessary to create.” Or in other words “art is a tool to create your incredible life.”

Stories teach. We’ve been doing it since the dawn of humanity. It’s your ability to tell a story that allows you to leave behind your legacy. The old and new worlds can be bridged, friends made, facts remembered, and spirits uplifted by telling stories. If art, science & magic had a baby it would be called a story. History is the Grandmother of this little story, and she can weave a tale that could stop father time in his tracks.

Once I discovered this magical-storytelling-formula, I realized I was never alone. I could invite others along for the ride. I had a story that would grow in length, and as it grew so would my listeners. The story I want to tell you is true. As sure as the hair on my face.

The Free Radicals is a tale about a revolution that has happened before and is happening now. It’s about the triumphs and tragedies of growing up. This story begins with you.

Are you ready to join the Free Radicals Revolution? Click below to find out how!


“Humanity thinks in metaphors and learns through stories.” –Mary Catherine Bateson

Paul James Morehead Jr. –Creative Director, ©Morehead Media (2012)

Animation Rumination

Animation Rumination

  • Animation Defined: The word ‘animate’ comes from the latin ‘animare’ which means ‘to instill with Life.’ The root ‘anima’ means ‘Soul.’Therefore animation is creating the “illusion of life.” (*nod to Frank & Ollie)

  • Animation Explanation: When we think animation, images may arise of  kids beginning their weekend ritual planted in front of the neon monolith, for a Saturday morning cereal fest. Or perhaps a group of grown men geeking out over the ‘golden age’ of pre-TV toons like their kinder counterparts. With further examination however, we discover  animation to be an amalgamation of  the greatest mediums presented in a single cohesive experience. Animation makes use of a principle called “persistence of vision.” Which is actually a the flaw of the eye to to perceive images in rapid succession. Our eye cannot keep up with this string of images, so we perceive them as actually moving. So them if drawing is a language of line and shape, then animation is the mother tongue of movement. Animation = “Drawing in Time.” We have control over how this movement is perceived, by manipulating the timing and space between them. So it’s the gap between the drawings that creates the magic. We are manipulators of the unmanifest.

  • Why animation?Stories are the best way to create an awakening, or self-realization in the viewer, and allows us to tap into the collective consciousness, and draw out it’s underlying mythology. Using this personal, archetypal and universally applicable medium, I aspire to inspire through the power of these moving stories. Animation provides a universally accepted language to reach and inform anyone with an open heart and mind, directly involve themselves in the promotion of well-being in their own lives, as well as the improvement of the world.
  • Potential of the Illusion of Life: Animation holds the key to unlock the best in people. Since stories are the most effective tools for inspiration, innovation, and ultimately communication, animation implements these elements in a tangible relatable way through the universally accepted language of symbol, character, and archetype. Cartoons allow this comprehensive language to be accessed, and understood by the audience who becomes so immersed they begin to identify with the situations and characters involved. These worlds born of the imagination naturally resonates with us, and we wish to experience them to the fullest.

“Animation is ultimately problem solving. Taking a large action and breaking it down into more manageable chunks.” – Charles Philips, Instructor at VanArts

   “The potential in animation lies in making the unbelievable believable. This means that imagination is our initiative. What we dream, we can do.” – Walt Disney

Community Permaculture Title

Ideal Permaculture City

“Community Permaculture is a collective of individuals who see a need for the reintegration of Nature’s community organization principles within human organizational structures.”

The goal is to mimic the ecological design elements of a natural climax community to create abundant human-centric systems in harmony with Nature. Using the principles derived from Nature’s patterning, humanity has the capacity to incorporate food production and natural aesthetics directly into our urban sprawl.”

Ascent Glyph

This image was inspired by the old “test patterns” that would appear on Television sets during dead air or in-between channels.

ImageAscent Glyph (TP *Test Pattern)