Morehead Media Manifesto


If this is your first time setting eyes on this site, then welcome!

If you’re returning to my digital domicile, and wanting to follow my journey again, then welcome back!


My name is Paul (保罗, ポール, พอล) James Morehead.

I am a comic artist, animator, storyteller, educator, vegan, poet, blogger, yoga teacher and globe trotter.

Mini Bio: I was raised on cartoons, yoga, transcendental meditation and organic vegetables. I’ve studied spirituality in Iowa, animation in Canada, fine art in Scandinavia, storytelling in Europe, Yoga in India, and Chi Gong in China.

My dream has always been to explore. I took my first solo voyage to Rode Island to visit my cousins in a private jet when I was 12, and have been travelling ever since.

They say no one is an island. I believe that by exploring the world by looking to it’s culture, customs, and people, we can realize that we are all a world family, and not so different after all.

Morehead Media was created as a platform to educate, empower and entertain by sharing these cross-continental experiences. If I can uplift, educate, or inspire others through telling stories about the places I see, then I will have fulfilled my mission.

In this blog I’ll do my best to provide an unbiased view on what makes each place unique and try to give objective views on the current beliefs, ideas, and customs of the people. Any information that is shared is my own angle, and I take full responsibility for the accuracy of my observations. So without further ado, let’s begin this journey together!


Sharing stories for inspiration, unification and fun.