Purusha: Path of Light pt.2 – The Group and the Gap!

The Purusha compound was multi-tiered, with each dormitory-style building separated from one another by stretches of black asphalt that wove between the greenery like a thread sewing the scene together.

Purusha HQ

Walking into the dining hall many a bright eyed, bushy bearded yogi watched us with avid interest. I could feel the local Purushites checking our vibe. Not with any type of weirdness, just trying to assess the groups overall energy.

My eye darted around to the plates of food on the various men’s trays. I  breathed a sigh of relief when I saw the all-familiar Indian dish called kitchari (Check this rice and dahl recipe, and you can always substitute Ghee for Coconut oil.) At least there would be something hot, nourishing and vegan! I also saw fresh chapatis on an occasional tray. Due to a health crisis, and food allergies 6 years ago I’d decided to go gluten free, wheat free, dairy free, and sugar free. The look of these fluffy, lightly dusted wheat discs made me forgo my decision and give them a try.

Chapati Station.jpg

I later found out that the dough was all organic, freshly ground from wheat berries, and packed with goodness.

Then came the rain. A wall of dark clouds had saturated the sky. As soon as we parked it started pouring… It felt like a massive cleanse. The freedom of the downpour was relieving and the smell of the wet asphalt was strikingly nostalgic.

Many of us took the golf carts back to our residence hall. I decided to run for it. The feeling of being rained upon is like Nature bathing you in joyous tears. She’s crying for how beautiful life can be. Soaked to the core, I changed my clothes and made it to our initiatory meeting. When I arrived, everyone was seated, lit with anticipation. The group looked like a royal congregation, a roomful of peaceful princes. As I took my seat, I felt myself sit straighter, steeped in silence, and an inner confidence began to percolate.

We were then given an introduction to the course. I won’t go into specifics much, but this course would be a place to gain maximum rest, rejuvenation and a deeper connection with our TM and TM Sidhi program, as well as plenty of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi (MMY) tapes. Maharishi always emphasized how to gain the most from his lectures.

“Just be simple, innocent and listen.”

Having gone to High School at the Maharishi School of the Age of Enlightenment I was familiar with profound knowledge cleansing effects. I had a daily experience of this simplest form of awareness during his many hours of lectures. I often found myself adrift in a state of  lively alertness, in my own body, yet witnessing myself aloft with eyes closed. Even in Maharishi’s own radiant presence, when my entire High School class was invited to go to Vlodrop Holland, I remember my state of physicality both in and outside my body, amidst his massive awareness.

“There will be some level of intellectual understanding for what we experience on this course. When the experience is there, we can enhance and update that with a deeper level of understanding.” – Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

I knew then that we were going to get into depth about the Gap. A place of pure unmanifestion, of totality. A place I also knew to be that transcendental place between thoughts. The place we all (as well as our known universe) emerge from, and what us TM’ers call Transcendental Consciousness (TC.) Excited to go deeper into my experience of  TC I decided to allow the course to do it’s work.

Then were sent to bed and told to sleep in the next morning, and be easy with ourselves. But having been stuck in a car for 8 hours 2 days, I decided to take a short walk instead.


Next time: Purusha: Path of Light pt.3 – Walkabouts & Wakefulness!


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