Splish Splash. Chop Chop.

Bonds from Old Norse were called bóndi or ‘tiller of the soil.’

Bonds are connections that are mutually beneficial.

Bondage, from Anglo-Latin bondagium means serf, peasant, or householder.

When we no longer believe we have the freedom over our own lives, it’s akin to being a servant. We are no longer serving a greater life purpose, but serving someone else to satisfy our needs. Then we are no longer indapendant.

The severing of our serfdom can be metaphorical. Or by the act of chopping wood. If it’s our intention to be free, to not cling to anyone’s ideas, dogmas, beliefs, or rules, and cleave away from what kept us chained, then swing away.

Thoreau did it. Walden was a perfect example of a man who made a live worth living by forging bonds without creating bondage. The act of making bonds are good. We can make connections, or connect with the land. But when we think we cannot do without this or that for ourselves, we create a sort of bondage and give up our power. Like a manufactured relationship, it’s never sustainable.

I observe, that is to say I have the freedom to turn my attention to whatever I want. But when there are more manufactured images than natural ones we tend to begin believing what we’re told. Lack of discrimination between what’s in our best interest, and what others are interested in for us, can be dangerous.

Those who have not seen the light cannot light the way. But our ability to see the sublime is always available. Everything and nothing can lead us to know that we are bigger than we believed. Yet we knew it all along. We don’t need anything or anyone to remind us of it. But sometimes we forget.

Remembering our sovereignty takes work. A continual effort towards bettering ourselves. And when splitting the grain of our logic we glimpse the void, remember to be amazed. An aroma of curiosity, a wellspring of wonderment is released back into the air and permeates everything.

How to cleave the wood of our discretion is up to us. If the axe is dull, and our first blows are met with resistance, no matter. We can always take time sharpen our tools. It’s time well spent in preparation for something better.

Let the weight of your tools assist in your work. The better the tool, the better the result. The better the result, the better you’ll do next time.

Chop wood.
Carry water.


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