Ascent Glyph

This image was inspired by the old “test patterns” that would appear on Television sets during dead air or in-between channels.

ImageAscent Glyph (TP *Test Pattern)


About Me:

About Paul Morehead Jr.

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Paul is a teacher by trade, and cartoonist at heart.

Paul was raised on a cartoons, comics, transcendental meditation, yoga and organic food. I have my MFA in comics from CCA, and BA in Media Arts & 2D Animation. I have taught sequential art for kids, life drawing, art history in China, and yoga. I helped found the animation program at the Southeast Iowa Community College, and TA’d comics in San Fransisco.

My specialty is character design, spiritual storytelling, comics journalism, and illustration/logo design.

I also underwent an intensive 3-year Yoga teacher training (900+ hours) which re-kindled my interest in self development.

I am also a globetrotter having lived in China, Denmark, California, Iowa, New York and Canada.